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About Us

What is the Mulberry Guide

We’re the most creative, inspirational and professionally managed short to medium term vacation rental company.

We handpick and curate a collection of the finest & characterful homes in prime locations, and we market them on hotel standards.

Together with our hospitality experts, quirky and pragmatic interior designers, we personally review all of the homes, and give them our seal of approval.

We are experts at understanding the art & science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for guests using your space.

Our team have a knack for creating some pretty amazing designs, an innate flair for colour, spatial arrangements and architectural textiles.

Our vision is the pursuit of effective space, user well being, functional designs, audacious colours and elegant interior designs.

We want to stand out from the crowd as creating the very best definitive vacation rental.

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Marketing your property

A new way of marketing vacation rental homes for travelers

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Places we Market


Homes in Kensington & Chelsea


Homes in Mayfair


Homes in Hyde Park


Homes in Holland Park


Homes in London Bridge


what our landlords say

Has an apartment, in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. It is in a charming mansion Grade 11 listed building, protected by historical & architectural regulations, in one of the most sought -after locations, and famous streets in the world, iconic Kings Road.
The property is on the front end of a busy main road, and there is lots of noise.

Dave property has always been occupied by tenants. We worked with Dave, exploring secondary glazing, which could be permitted, and in fitted internally on the windows.

This eliminated the noise from the outside, and maintains the temperature of the property, and has added substantial value to it, as well as hosting for guest who enjoy staying in a location that was a stomping ground for the hipsters in the 1960’s.

Dave will enjoy the benefits of the improvement we have added to his property, both as a rental asset, and when he comes to sell his home, in the future.

Dave, Story

Rod put us to the test. Rod gave us the keys to his home, returned to his country, Argentina, and we took care of just about everything, including all of the complex repairs that the previous tenants had left unresolved.
We worked with a maintenance team to restore Rod house, in a beautiful home not just for him, but for his guests. Rod is very happy with our service and recommends us to his friends.

Rod, The challenge

Rod has a property in leafy Kensington, which is a beautiful garden flat. When we approached Rod, he was marketing his property for rental, and had given his current tenants at the time, notice to leave.

Rod evicted his tenants because they were failing to care for his apartment, despite of his efforts to try to work with them from abroad to maintain his home.

Rod had lost confidence in the rental sector believing that he would never find a tenant who could look after his property the way he could.

Rod, Story

The Mulberry Guide is a dedicated customer care centred business. They are approachable, friendly, and hands-on.
I can rely on their professionalism and skills to solve any issues with my flat’s maintenance.
They look after my flat in the same way as I would. Rod.

Rod, Testimonial